Round – Up from Raks Kitchen

Hi everybody, I know you think I am the most laziest women and wouldn’t do anything to perfection of what I start, I think it’s only with my blog, you see nobody grades me for this, not to worry about anything, as this is such a fantastic place where bloggers more than good friends and just encourage you than telling you off. Anyways, I always moan about these things again and again, I just decided I wanted to thank everybody who participated in my Blogger’s Marathon event and wanted to showcase all their hard work in doing so, I thank each one of you for doing this and love to see more often again in all my other events too..
Here is all the bloggers who prepared the original recipes from RAKS KITCHEN

Lakshmi of tasteofmysore made Badhusha

Padmaja of plantainleaf made Cheese Cauliflower Kofta curry

Priti of indiankhanna made Eggplant curry

Priya of priyaeasyntastyrecipes Potato Murukku curry

Priya of priyaeasyntastyrecipes made Tomato Kothusu

Priya of priyaeasyntastyrecipes made Brinjal semi dry curry

Priti of indiankhanna made Tamarind Rice Puliyogare

Gayatri of gayathriscookspot.blogspot made Badusha

Sharmi of made Imarati – Jangiri

Sharmi of neivedyam made Rasmalai /Rasgulla

She also made Suttu Katharika Thuvayal 
My contributions to this Events are:
Cauliflower-peas Kurma, Tamarind Rice and Pulikaachal, Jeera-Banana curry, Potato curry

Hi friends, If I left anybody’s posts here can you please leave a word on the comment form I will pick it from your blog, no need to send it to me.  As the linky tool closed and did not know how to retrieve it :(, I have to do this
thanks dear friends to all of you for participating, A big thank you from Raji and me for this lovely entries thanks you once again.


vegetarian recipes

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