Eggless Chocolate Melting Moments

I just couldn’t resist these little beauties I had to and I did try one, and stopped myself :)).   I was just writing in Parita’s comment box, if only any of blogger friends were around my place, I would have asked them to bake me a cake, can’t believe myself, that I have really stopped eating cakes which I adore so much, Or is it me, the turning 40+ syndrome, My parents would be very surprised, but maybe I think when I go to Bangalore I certainly will get tempted to visit the bakeries, sweet chariot and Nilgiris. Sounds sooo tempting, Oh! I am feeling so happy, will I Indulge ? have to wait and see and definitely I will  write about it .
I have never liked chocolates, when I came here I was surprised to see how people love eating chocolates here, and I too started eating them for a few days but I couldn’t eat more than half , and I always chose chocolates with nuts in it, that’s what could get me through, but these days I have started liking bitter chocolates, they seem to be interesting to me and I munch on them sometimes. I do it and recognize my craving for sweets syndrome may be something to do with 40+ and when my Harmones play up with me, I tell myself then must be my Oestrogen level is been fluctuating.
When I saw this, I had Book Marked it, as I knew my kids will definitely for for it, they have been asking me to make more from couple of weeks, I have to make them again, she writes about saying that she had it for 4 days, mine lasted for may be 2 days,  I did tweak this recipe a little bit, sorry for that, I just couldn’t resist doing it, as this bar of Snickers Bar was lying on my fridge, I grated this into the mixture and it was awesome… so here goes the recipe, delicious dessert.


125gms Butter
60 gms Icing sugar
100 gms plain flour
25gms corn flour
20 gms cocoa powder
1 Snickers Bar (this is my tweak to this recipe)
It is a very simple and quick recipe, easy to make and bake.

Bring the butter to room temperature, add Icing sugar, corn flour, plain flour, cocoa powder mix all of them well together, I grated some Snickers Bar into this (may be next time, I might try out lot of other chocolates grated into it 🙂 ). It was not forming into a ball very nicely so I used 2 to 3 tbsp of water and lo! you can see the ball formed, I made this into small balls as you can see, flattened it a little bit, and baked them for 20 to 25 minutes, Gas Mark 4/180 degrees.
They form into a lovely cookie soft but not breakable to the touch, beautifully baked and done, ready to eat.
I just did as told, dusted some Icing sugar on top of it, as Nags says these were well behaved, they came off my baking sheet very easily as hers :).
Take an other look at these beauties, the clicks haven’t come out as hers please do not compare.
My mobile and the night could only get this much out of my camera.
As she says, hey vegetarians go ahead and bake some for yourselves.

My verdict: Next time I thought I will add a bit more sugar, as per the demands of my kids!
c u soon with an other recipe………..


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